ICT Equipment and Support

BYOD Chromebook & Laptop

Year 7 to 10 Students : Chromebook

Chromebooks work best with our Google tools in school, they do not need software installed on them, they are fast to start up and do not require regular updates or management.

At Waimate High School we expect all students from year 7 to 10 to have and use their own Chromebook. All types of Chromebook are suitable. If you had one at your previous school, bring it to Waimate High.

We add all Chromebooks to our Management System so students have access to printers and shared resources.

A small pool of loan Chromebooks are available for Year 7 to 10 students. In order to access these, parents must contact the Principal to discuss the possibility before the beginning of the school year. 


Year 10 to 13 Students : Laptop, Macbook, Chromebook

Some subjects in the senior years require specialty software so senior students may opt to BYOD a Laptop, Notebook or a MacBook instead of a Chromebook. Chromebooks are also suitable for the senior years.

Loan Chromebooks are not available for Year 11,12 and 13 students. These students need to BYOD.


How do I set up my BYOD

Here is a link to on How to set up your BYOD.

All students must complete this ICT Responsible Use Agreement and hand it into the school office on or before their first day of school.


How do I buy a device?

We recommend that you consider purchasing a 3 year warranty, 3 year insurance and a carry case with your device.  Here are a few purchasing options: 

OPTION 1: We have arrangements with Cyclone Computers

Cyclone  Computers offer competitive pricing through a secure portal. We recommend Cyclone Computers due to the strength of the insurance cover.

Go to https://byod.cyclone.co.nz/waimatehigh  Login:waimatehigh Password: waimatehigh445

OPTION 2: OfficeMax /Noel Lemming / Harvey Norman / Computer Retailers

Chromebooks and Laptops can be purchased either in-store or online through OfficeMax and through other computer retailers. All orders placed through OfficeMax MySchool can earn rewards for the school.

Minimum Specifications

Any Chromebook is suitable. Minimum battery life of 4 hours is recommended.

Laptops, Notebooks, and MacBooks: Minimum specifications to think about when you decide to buy:

· Processor: Intel i3 Dual Core, AMD E2/A4 Dual Core (Equivalent or better)

· RAM: Minimum 4GB, Screen: 11″ or bigger, Antivirus: Recommended

· Battery: Recommended Minimum of 5 hours

· Operating System: Windows 8.1 / OS X 10.9 (or better)

· Hard Drive: 128GB+, SSD Recommended


Funding from Work and Income

Contact Work and Income to see if you are eligible. We can provide you with a letter to take when seeking assistance. 




Kamar is our student managment system. Here is information on how to set it up.

Kamar Setup


Leaving Waimate High School

Here is a link to ICT information for when you leave Waimate High School Leaving Waimate High School