Kia ora everyone,

I hope you all had a good weekend. COVID has been in the school for exactly a month now and we are starting to notice some patterns. Mondays are looking to be our busiest day in terms of reporting COVID cases. We seem to be following the national trends as we catch up with weekend testing.

When people in your household contract COVID at different times, it can be confusing to work out when your child can come back to school, even if they have not contracted COVID. To help clarify this, I have included the household contact flowchart at the end of this article. We are also recording each student’s absence information with expected return date so if you are not sure when you child can return to school, please get in touch.

Here’s our daily summary:

Total Positive Cases: 36 students

Current Cases: 16 students 

Recovered students back at school: 20

Current Isolating Household Contacts: 19 students

NB. We currently have no staff members with COVID or needing to isolate.

With the increase in numbers with COVID and those needing to isolate, our attendance has dipped from 80% to 75%. However, with this level of attendance we will remain at Stage 1 of our COVID response plan. I will continue with our daily updates for the rest of this week. 

Take care,

Jo Hunnikin